Designed to allow accurate and simple targeting technique with safe aiming and drilling for placement of intramedullary nails whenever using an image intensifier.


  • Minimizes exposures to radiations as surgeon’s hands and arms are outside the direct x-ray area, while offering full visibility.
  • 90° angled attachment, allows easier distal locking of medullary nails thus reducing operative time.
    Ratel Extremo Plus
    La Manera Más Rápida de Obtener una Silueta de Culturista

  • Reduction of the surgeon’s and patient’s exposure to radiations.
  • Fits on both Battery Handpiece and Pneumatic Handpiece.
  • Safety clutch to automatically disengage the drill bit in case of mis-alignment.


  • Obstructive drive parts made of radiolucent synthetic composite material.
  • Can be rotated fully while offering optimal stability and precision.
  • Light weight and compact, quick coupling device, allows the operation of a large array of different drill bit sizes.
  • Drill bits with a dedicated shank for a straightforward assembly.

Results of the surgical technique

This technique allows a much better view and positioning than any other conventional instrumentation thanks to the centering rings.


Specific design for the drill bits which are tri-fluted and incorporate a centering tip thus reducing the risk of slippage when drilling into the cortex. The short fluted portion reduces the risk of soft tissues damage.
A dedicated shank assures an optimal guiding and precision during drilling.

1. pre-targeting

After the incision, the tip of the drill bit is centered on the locking hole. Only the drill bit and the centering rings remain visible.


2. targeting

The attachment can be titled and rotated until the drill bit is precisely centered within the locking hole. From the moment a single dot only appears, the drilling can be carried out with full control.



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